Looks like this couple wants to give birth to a village, after the first two set the still went for more. UK resident Ghanaian couple has just given birth to twins, making it three set of twins produce by the couple. The couple Abigail and her husband Shaibu Abu-Adama are both thirty year old Ghanaians residing in UK.

Their other sets of twins are Ohene and Ohenewa, four, and Okese and Nana-Oye, one and a half.

They were full of surprise as she delivered a set a twins, after they realised she was pregnant.

[quote_center]“The doctors cannot believe our run of twins, they ask if we have had any fertility treatment but we have had none at all. “We thought we were done with two sets, and then all of a sudden I realised I was pregnant again; it was a big shock and I cried because I was not expecting it.” She told Bradford’s The Telegraph[/quote_center]


“I think three sets of twins is enough for now; my husband wants to go for names that have something to do with giving thanks, but we have not made any decisions yet.”

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