Some days past, a lot of media publishers reported Lara Oshiomole asked for a divorce from her husband Edo state governor, Adams Oshiomole, this was trashed in a statement by spokesman.

The report state that Mrs Oshiomole claimed that Adams is highly fetishistic, but on the contrary, the Executive Director, Media and Public Affairs, Governor’s Office, John Mayaki, has captioned the publication as

“warped imaginations of the purveyor of lies.”

In the statement;

[quote_box_center]Which Court of Law was the alleged divorce initiated and to whom was it served? Which country, state, municipal or county, if any, where is the Court situated? And when was the action/suit filed? Of course the writers didn’t bother to inform their readers. The truth however is that the answers only exist in the warped imagination of the purveyors of the lies.”[/quote_box_center]


The pioneers of this rumours has been asked to venture into a more creative engagement, instead of pushing false info in other to sell their media.


The couple got married in Edo State in May 2015.

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