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Logic Announces New Label 'BobbyBoy Records' in Partnership with Def Jam

Logic Announces New Label ‘BobbyBoy Records’ in Partnership with Def Jam

Logic is making major moves on the business side of things with the announcement of his new label BobbyBoy Records. The first Hip-Hop artist to...
Logic 'Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind' First Week Sales

Logic ‘Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind’ First Week Sales

UPDATE (May 17): The first week total is in. Logic moved approximately 81k copies which will give him a comfortable #1 spot on the...
Logic 'Supermarket, The Soundtrack' First Week Sales Projections

Logic ‘Supermarket, The Soundtrack’ First Week Sales Projections

Last night, Logic surprised even dedicated fans when he released a soundtrack for his new novel Supermarket which hits stores today. The album is...
Logic Debuts Collaborative 'Do What You Love' Music Video: Watch

Logic Debuts Collaborative ‘Do What You Love’ Music Video: Watch

Last year, Logic and actor-filmaker Joseph Gordon-Levitt invited everyone from all over the world to contribute to an upcoming song through HITRECORD’s collaborative online...