Logic Debuts Collaborative ‘Do What You Love’ Music Video: Watch-

Last year, Logic and actor-filmaker Joseph Gordon-Levitt invited everyone from all over the world to contribute to an upcoming song through HITRECORD’s collaborative online platform.


About 20 musicians took part in a new one-hour YouTube Originals Special entitled Band Together with Logic which premiered Friday (March 15) at SXSW Film Festival at the Paramount Theatre. Logic and the guest artists have now made a song together called ‘Do What You Love’ along with a music video. The clip has the rapper and the actor driving to a gas station in their van aka “mystery machine.” Once there, the artists do an impromptu performance of their record. Watch it below.

“It’s about doing what you love, no matter what it is, whether it’s music or writing or art,” Logic explained of the track. Levitt told Jimmy Kimmel that the special shares similarities with traditional music competitions like American Idol and The Voice but with a twist. “It’s not a contest, it’s a collaboration,” he said. “At the end of the show, all these people all over the world, they weren’t competing against each other, they made a song together.”

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