A Nigerian lady has been called out by her creditor who she called for help, after paying a tithe from a loan she received from him.

Nigerian lady pays tithe from loan, calls creditor for help after lailasnews

The creditor who disclosed that religion will be the ends of Africa, warned Nigerian business owners not to pay tithe from their revenue. According to him, his businesses pays him a fixed salary which he pays tithe from.

He wrote;

I love God with all my heart but religion will be the ends of Africa.

A friend of mine had some financial issues so I gave her a loan of N100k (exactly what she needed). Today she called that she needs additional 10k because she paid tithe yesterday. What stage of madness is this?

Nigerian Business Owners  Don’t pay tithe on your revenue!! Revenue is not your income. Some of you are owing salaries but you’re paying tithe. That’s blood money.

Personally, all my businesses pay me a fixed salary. I then pay tithe on my salary. It makes my accounting simple.

Nigerian lady calls creditor for help after paying tithe from loan lailasnews 1

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