According to the Music legend Tubaba, He stated that he did not see himself gaining any form of interest to run for a political position, even though he has anchored some political campaign sometimes ago.

Speaking during a chat with Sunday Scoop, the music legend said:

”I don’t think I’m cut out for politics; except I get a political appointment. I am not prepared to campaign for votes and before I accept to become a political appointee, I must be well versed in the field I am expected to function. I can’t just accept any appointment for the sake of it.”

Speaking on the matters relating to Nigeria, the ”Only me” crooner gave only positive vibes. He said:

“I want a situation where everybody will be interested in visiting Nigeria; that’s the Nigeria of my dreams. It is what I desire, and I’m constantly visualising it.”

When asked about what he is working on currently, Tubaba said:

“I’m working on a lot right now. As time goes on, you will get to hear them. As for an album, I can’t say for sure when I will release another one.”

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