A person has cried out for assist after making a discovery on his unusual marriage to his masculine spouse, whom he claimed used juju on him, in any other case he wouldn’t have married her.

Nevertheless, after ‘coming again to his senses, he has acknowledged that he would by no means have chosen her as a partner if he was to be in his proper state of mind.

My ugly & masculine spouse used Juju on me – Man says after 7 years of marriage

Based on him, the spell broke away three days in the past and is scared to sleep beside his spouse as a result of he claimed the girl is ‘ugly’ and has bought a masculine stature.

In a chat with David Bondzie on Fb, the nameless man stated

‘I think she put a spell on me because it doesn’t make sense. I got here again to my senses three days in the past and I’ve been scared to sleep subsequent to her. I’d by no means have chosen her if I had been in my proper senses”

In search of assist from David Papa Bondzie Mbir on Fb, he despatched images of his spouse to substantiate how horrifying she is, make certain he didn’t marry a person and know why his associates had been laughing of their marriage ceremony images.

Confronting his ‘ugly’ spouse for a divorce, he was shocked on the reply he bought from his spouse making him shiver badly in his emancipated bones.

‘My wife claims if I don’t need to be married, I can go. She says she’s already gotten what she wished from me’, he stated.

Learn the complete dialog beneath:


Fb Man (FG): Dave, please can we chat?

David Bondze (DB): Howdy!

FG: I’m troubled

DB: About?

FG: My spouse

DB: What has she finished, please?

FG: I believe she seems like a person

DB: Huh!

FG: Ikr?

DB: However, she’s your spouse, or? Didn’t you marry her?

FG: That’s the issue. As a result of if I had been ‘myself’ then, I wouldn’t have settled for her.

DB: Which means, she’s nonetheless a lady, anaa?

FG: I don’t know ooo

DB: What do you imply you don’t know?

FG: I don’t know. Take a look at this image

(He attaches a photograph)

DB: Lol!

FG: Why are you laughing?

DB: Since you simply need me to chuckle. Herrrr, me I’m not feeling nicely oo. Not within the temper for jokes.

FG: Dave, I’m not joking. That’s my spouse.

DB: Smh!

FG: Let me ship you one other photograph of her

(He attaches one other image)

DB: Hmmm!

FG: I advised you

DB: However she has boobs?

FG: She does

DB: And a vagina?

FG: Sure

DB: Does she menstruate?

FG: Sure

DB: And also you’ve explored her

FG: Sure, for 7 years

DB: Youngsters?

FG: Sure

DB: Then she’s a lady

FG: She seems prefer it, however Dave, I’m scared.

DB: Why now?

FG: I believe she put a spell on me, as a result of it doesn’t make sense. I got here to my senses three days in the past, and I’ve been scared to sleep subsequent to her. I’d by no means have chosen her if I had been in my proper senses. What do you consider her? Does she appear like a lady to you?

DB: I don’t know. She seems like a lady in a means. Can I see your marriage ceremony image?

(He attaches 4 marriage ceremony footage)

FG: How horrifying is that this?

DB: Who’re the individuals standing behind you two?

FG: The primary one is household. The opposite one are associates

DB: And, why do all of them appear to be laughing?

FG: Your guess is nearly as good as mine. They had been all shocked I suppose.

DB: Hmmm!

FG: Dave, I’m scared. She did one thing to me.

DB: What if she didn’t do something as you might be claiming?

FG: Then, one thing doesn’t make sense. I’d by no means have chosen her. They labored one thing on me.

DB: So, what do you need to do?

FG: I don’t know. What do I do?

DB: Do you’re keen on her?

FG: I don’t assume I ever did. One thing is unsuitable.

DB: How about your youngsters?

FG: What about them?

DB: Is one thing unsuitable with them too?

FG: No. They appear like me. They’re stunning.

DB: I see

FG: My spouse claims if I don’t need to be married, I can go. She says she’s already gotten what she wished from me.

DB: And what’s that?

FG: Youngsters

DB: Hmmm!

FG: Hmmm!

DB: Hmmm!

FG: Is she a lady?

DB: Boy, I do know a person after I see one. Your spouse is just not a person.

FG: So, why am I scared? As a result of she doesn’t appear like a lady

DB: Properly, you’ll determine one thing out.

FG: Is it okay to divorce her?

DB: Has she cheated on you?

FG: Not that I do know of. I don’t care

DB: Have you ever cheated on her?

FG: Her spell broke off just some days in the past, so no. I’ve not been with anybody else however her

DB: Your motive for the divorce can be?

FG: Assist me with one thing, please

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