Presidential aspirant, Oby Ezekwesili has reacted to news of the arrest of Deji Adeyanju who led an anti Buhari protest in Abuja yesterday.

Adeyanju, alongside two others, were arrested earlier on Wednesday by the Police while leading a protest tagged ‘Police Are Not Politicians, Save Our Democracy’ in Abuja.

A statement by acting DCP Jimoh Moshood, Force Public Relations Officer, Abuja headquarters, noted that the arrested persons contravened the law and were arrested for “criminal conspiracy, joint act, defamation of character, public nuisance, disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant, disturbance of public peace, inciting public disturbance, threat to public security and safety, criminal defamatory and derogatory conduct against constituent authority and breach of law and order under sections 96, 113, 114, 152, 183 and 391 of Penal Code law”.

Reacting to the report Oby Ezekwesili said;

‘with this story of arrest of Deji Adeyanju&others who protested in Abuja today, let me advise the government of Buhari, just tune down the intolerant acts now. Police, stop repressing Citizens’ right to dissent. #FreeDejiNow! Do this NOW or earliest tomorrow’.

She added that, ‘let Citizens like Adeyanju Deji exercise their rights and should they violate the law, Make it explicit what and how they broke any law. Police, stop using the law as your cover to trample on Citizens right. #CitizensFirst has the right to protest against anything’.

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