Mary who was seeking divorce discovered that her husband,’Mr Ibrahim Gbadamosi’ was a thief,she made it known to Ibadan Customary Court that she never knew she was married to a thief,for a long time.

For over 20 years ago,Mary was mislead by marrying Mr ibrahim Gbadamosi whom she believed was an Ibadan-based business man,without knowing that he was a criminal.

On several Occasions,she sold some of her belongings in order to bail him but never knew he was a real criminal,its so painful to her that until ibrahim was jailed at Ile-Oluji in Ondo State,none of her husbands’s friends nor her hubby informed her that he was a criminal

Ibrahim accused his wife of infidelity and kidnap attempt planned by his wife.he told the mapo Customary court in Ibadan that he seeks the dissolution of the union.

Mary vowed to expose her husbands hidden truths even though she has agreed to divorce him.

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