Adequate care and treatment is required of every pregnant women,a woman’s husband and family’s views and values are highly respected,therefore they need to be informed.

According to Dr Fola Korede interview by a gynecologist, he explained that a woman also needs a health professional apart from being physically matured.

She need to be informed on the following:

  • Information on where antenatal care will be offered and by whom, including choice of providers where available and information about antenatal screening.
  • Information about routine drugs.
  • Lifestyle advice including:
  • Food hygiene and safe eating in pregnancy.
  • Smoking cessation.
  • Advice about avoidance of alcohol and illicit drugs in pregnancy.
  • Medication advice (review of safety of any current medication in pregnancy and avoidance of over-the-counter (OTC) medication which may not be used in pregnancy).

Every pregnant woman must register in a certified government hospital or private hospital where she will be given information about : The development of the baby during pregnancy; the choice of attending antenatal classes; advice about exercise; Information and choice regarding the place of birth; information about breast-feeding, among others.

 Korede also warned that pregnant women should be encouraged to have a normal, balanced, healthy diet. “Because of the dangers of toxoplasmosis and listeriosis, women should avoid uncooked meat or fish, raw or partially cooked eggs, milk that has not been pasteurized and unwashed fruit or vegetables. (Fruit and vegetables should be washed). Women should be cautioned to avoid many herbal preparations and teas; their use and safety in pregnancy have not been studied, he warned.