Just imagine you have traveled home, enjoyed yourself and now you are in shop, office looking like one that is robbed. But who robbed you? The same image you see in the mirror.
Blame is halved, if it has a subject and an object. But if you consistute both the subject and object, the effect is literally doubled.
NOW, come back. The above never happened. It is just imagined.You have seen clearer now right. So, begin now to review the things you plan to spend your money on. Are they worth it?  Beyond this season, how will the effect be? Remember, school fees, you may have more than person in school,house rent, shop/office rent, they may be more than one, etc.All these must be attended to. Don’t rob yourself.
Don’t destroy your future because of the season. Go to the end, come back and see clearer. Think about this.
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