Bitcoin is a digital currecy backed by users, this means that the value of the currency is entire determines by user who own the currency based on demand and supply trend. It is a user managed currency, bank are eliminated as a middle man for needing to work with bitcoin. One of the major features of the bitcoin is that it allows annonymous transaction in the exchange called the blockchain.

One of the basics that makes bitcoin exciting is the volatility of it, it goes up and down a lot.Since its a currency backed up by people that uses it, its as if a group of people come together and say let’s make our own currency.

The price of bitcoin relative to other currencies is so volatile, as at the time of releasing this article December, 2016, bitcoin is worth over $774 per Bitcoin, as at August 2016 bitcoin grew from over $500 to over $600 per bitcoin. Have you sat down to wonder why does bitcoin skyrockets so fast?

Is there going to be a free fall in the price of the bitcoin in few months to come or years to come?. Bitcoin investing is a highly lucrative business which offer amazing potential growth in finance.

Bitcoin is gaining more recognition worldwide, people from all works of live including the unbanked do take advantage of the bitcoin technology. This current growth in demand for bitcoin this year research show that it was actually initiated by Business owner, merchants and web developer which venture into the technology by setting up various bitcoin investment platform and binary networks. Example of the most succesful bitcoin binary is zarfund.

This P2P system as boosted bitcoin price in a major way as more and more people key into the system in order to take advantage of the predictable earning opportunity provided by the system, the number of transactions increases as well as the number of bitcoin wallets created. This helps to boost the price of the currency in a major way.

There are tons of websites out there that offer bitcoin minning pools services which you can take advantage of to start up your bitcoin growth.

Will bitcoin experience another free fall again? Well… hopefully don’t see that coming anytime soon as more people key into the system more merchants accepts the currency.

Do you want to start with small amount ammount of bitcoin as low as 0.03btc and walk your way up to the top.

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