Onecoin is a cryptocurrency is one that uses cryptography to provide security to each transaction and also in the creation of electronic currency, with the objective of setting up secure transactions and a decentralized monetary system, the cryptocurrencies came into use.

The first of such kind of currency was bitcoin and with its huge popularity came other similar currencies that relied on the same formula. One such currency is OneCoin.

What is One?

It is one of the latest cryptocurrencies that has headquarters in Europe and carries out its operations worldwide. It heavily focuses and relies on the vital markets like Europe, Africa, India and other Asian countries, especially the southeastern region. In fact, One aims to have over one million traders worldwide and issue approximately 100 billion coins in the system. The onecoin cryptocurrency has regional offices all over the global and its fast expansion is mainly due to its increasing number of traders.

The founders of one coin digital currency believe that they have built much more than just an electronic currency. In order to make One unique and more successful than any of its peers, the founders have devised a whole new, comprehensive method that will help traders benefit from One as well as bring profits to the founders. The main components of OneCoin are as follows:

  • Tokens

The tokens help the partners earn money online that are generated out of the purchase of the packages that are distributed. These can be used for exchange at OneExchange so that you can try your hand at trading before you actually trade in the currency. If you are investing for a short term, then you can benefit from splits as also the sale of the tokens subsequently. These tokens can be utilized to mine coins as well. More the tokens that you have, the more will be your participation in the coin mining procedure.

  • Split

Due to the increasing sales of packages and the receipt of commissions, the value of the tokens have been growing constantly. And with the facility of the split, the partners that join later can take part in the trade on standardized terms and can receive an equal number of tokens when they purchase packages or buy tokens. The function of split ensures that the business is profitable for all partners, both new and old. Also, after the split, your account will have twice the money than before the split.

  • Mining

Difficult mathematical algorithms are solved by powerful computers to generate the coins that are circulated in the system. With the increasing number of users who are involved in the process of mining and an increase in the number of coins, the process of mining becomes more complex and needs more time as well.

  • Personal Volume or PV and Business Volume or BV

Personal Volume indicates a person’s personal business statistic while Business Volume is an indication of the business of the team that you lead. The commissions that you get from the system are generated out of Business Volume. Here, 1 BV is equal to 1 Euro.

  • Aurum gold coin

This is a type of hybrid currency with registration in Dubai. If you are an OneCoin partner, then you will be offered free gold coins, depending on the membership that you have.

  • One Academy

This is an online education platform that has been created by One and is made up of five levels. Each level will give you vital information regarding the cryptocurrencies, market trade and financial markets as well. By reading the manuals and watching the comprehensive, interactive videos, you will be able to pass the test that you will be offered and get the OneAcademy Certificate.

OneCoin is a trade for all and to help each and every person succeed in the trade, the OneAcademy has been formed with all the necessary information that can make you a master of the trade even if you are a newbie.

  • One lifepoints

Also known as OLP, these are bonus points which you can acquire and later get special prizes against their use. Special prizes may be in the form of travel journeys, luxury goods and such.

  • One Exchange

This is the internal exchange platform created by One that allows you to use the knowledge that you gained at OneAcademy and make profits, buy and sell tokens, etc.


Why One?

With huge commissions and bonuses, the onecoin pyramid scheme has undoubtedly been able to help those who are looking to trade more often to earn profits and those that desire that the amount of units they possess never lose their value, whatever the market situation may be. A number of experts have revealed their onecoin review online and from these it can be known that they have been able to make great profits with this secure monetary unit. With OneCoin, it is totally possible and easy as well.

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