Gamers Review: How Do You See The Recent Switch By Nintendo


Yesterday Nintendo announced its new console to a huge response amongst gamers online.

The name, design and logo of the device all focus on a neat trick — it can be played in the living room when in its dock or played on the go with clip-on controllers. But does the Nintendo Switch have enough to tempt families away from tablet gaming?

Although it’s not been confirmed to have a touchscreen (it surely must have for back compatibility with Wii U games) the Nintendo Switch is more likely to compete with tablet devices.

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Like with the Wii, Nintendo is disrupting the gaming market rather than competing directly with the likes of PlayStation 4 or Xbox One which are pushing ever more realistic graphics.

The Nintendo Switch has garnered a huge response from gamers, but can it tempt familes away from tablet-based gaming?

While Nintendo knows families, and in my household the Wii U is still the most popular machine of this generation, combining tablet, handheld and console game in one system will be a steep hill to climb.

However, there’s every chance that this could be Nintendo’s iPhone moment.

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