WHAT is presently keeping you busy?

I’m here for the meeting pertaining to people going for the Nollywood Film Festival and Nollywood Europe Golden Awards holding Germany next month. We are all going courtesy of Ezoya Entertainment. I’m one of the artistes selected to attend.

Were you nominated for any of the award categories?

I am not very certain but I think I was.

What are your expectations for the awards ceremony?

This is my first time attending the awards so I don’t really know what to expect. I’ll expect the best.

Career-wise, how has it been with you?

Career-wise, I have been doing very good.  You know it is not a competition so I just go at my own pace.


Have you done any film this year?

I have produced a movie and I have starred in a lot of movies this year. The last one I did that just came out is called Ara Saraphina. I think it’s out. There are a lot of movies I have done that have been released this year. I featured in Abichie The Poor by Emmanuel Ehumadu. There is also One Million Boys that was released some time back.


What about your own production?

I did a movie called Power Girls. It is still with the editors so we are yet to get it.

When will you be releasing it?

It will be coming out any time soon. I will just say soon because like I said, I am yet to collect it from my editor.


What are your expectations for the film especially as regards the activities of movie pirates?

I think there are lots of things we need to tackle in this country apart from piracy. If the cost of production is low, movie makers can make their money without having to bother about piracy. But now, as filmmakers, we have a lot to deal with like power generation. That has actually improved a bit now, making the cost of production to be less than it used to be. Those are the things that matter. It is not really about who is pirating and who is not because it has always been there so it will be very difficult to eradicate.


A lot of things have been said or written about you, but who would you like people to know you as?

I am a very deep person; I am a very spiritual person. I love people who love me and I don’t really care about what they say about me.

Does it affect you in any way?

It doesn’t affect me in any way when people I don’t care about talk about me. I try to make my anger so expensive that people can’t afford it, except people I love.

There are those who say that you intentionally generate controversy so that you will always be in the news. How would you respond to that?

It is not about intentionally generating controversy. When I’m happy, when I want to have fun, the way I have fun might be controversial for some because like right now, I came out to work and I’m looking all good but if I’m going to a party, you don’t expect me to be formal. You should also understand that what other people wear, when I wear it, it comes out different. There are different things that make me happy some people do drug but me I just like playing with my physique and playing with my attires. So that is the kick I get.

Your sexuality is always in the public eye. Are you comfortable with that?

I am very comfortable with myself. I love myself to bits. I love everything about me. I have no regrets.

People tend to know you more with your natural endowments…

(cuts in) When you talk about people, the truth is that, I don’t really care. I am having fun. Life is short. So I just do my thing. If you keep listening to people, you will just change your destiny. You won’t be able to achieve what you want. Then when you get old, you will be very annoying and irritable. Live your life. Don’t bother about all those people, especially when there is no particular name attached to these people.

How do you catch fun?

I love listening to music. I love dressing up. I love going out. Generally, I love doing things that make me happy.

Where does your music career stand as of today?

Like I always say when people ask me this question, I’m not in a competition with anybody. I’m doing good all by myself. You know, I have a good friend. He is a big name in this industry. Any money he gets, he uses it to shoot expensive videos and yet, this guy doesn’t even have a car.

Why would somebody stress themselves just because they want to be on TV all the time? It’s expensive to promote music so if you do one a year, it is not a bad thing. It depends on how you cut out your life but I always suggest. If you are an up and coming, always make sure you have other things you do. Don’t rely on just one source of income. That is why we have five fingers in each hand. Try to get like five things that will keep you very busy and will make money for you.

Are you working on an album?

My dear, again, let me repeat it. I am not in a competition with anybody. I have a studio in my place. I bought all the equipment needed for movie production. Anything that makes me happy, I just get it.

How would you describe your sense of style?

My sense of style all depends on what and how I feel. So if I feel like being sexy, I know what to do. If I am going for an interview, I know how to dress.

How do you relate with your fans?

I love my fans. I can do anything for them.

Some of them are wondering when you will be getting married…

I’m looking for husband o! Will you marry me? (laughs)

If I agree to marry you, what are some of the qualities you will use to rate me?

ButtonThat is a very private question.

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