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How To Live Stream Recorded Videos To Facebook Page For Free

Videos have taken the digital marketing world by storm! Being an entrepreneur, your job is to ensure your social media subscribers receive a decent number of engaging content on a regular basis. And the most engaging kind of content is video content. Creating new video content is not usually as simple as text content because video content takes more time and resources to create. Want me to share a trick that you can use to easily churn out more video content? Well, in this article, you will be learning exactly how you can live stream your existing videos onto a Facebook page. Since live videos get more visibility than normal uploaded videos, you will be making your existing content reach more people. Just follow the outlined steps to live stream any of your existing videos from your desktop to your Facebook page. How To Stream Live On Facebook Page From Desktop Using Pre-Recorded Videos: The first thing you need is the “Stream Key” from your Facebook page. This is a unique key th..