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How Minutes Of Meeting Can Help You Improve + Free Downloadable Templates for MoM

ShoutDreams is a remote team company, and we have more than five people working with us from various parts of the world. A major part of my time these days is occupied with improving the process and workflow of our organization. A few months back we implemented a technique called Minutes of the Meeting (MoM) which has proven to be highly effective for overall productivity and growth. This technique can be used by an individual who is a freelancer, blogger or a part of an organization. What Are Minutes Of Meeting (MoM)? MoM (Minutes of the Meeting) is a recorded documentation of any meeting. This document can be created on Google docs, Word file or even on email. This document helps attendees or non-attendees to understand what was discussed and can also be used as a reference while making new decisions. Think of MoM as an executive summary of the whole meeting which is documented for future reference. This single document will help in better management and organization in time t..