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Nigerian hackers goal prime firm chiefs with electronic mail rip-off

A bunch of Nigerian hackers are concentrating on prime firm chiefs with electronic mail rip-off, as they plan to trick the highest executives into...

Google Tasks: Everything You Need To Know About The Simplest Tasks App Ever

Team Google seems to be in the frenzy with one product release after another in recent times. Along with the new Gmail design, Google also unveiled new Google Tasks app which is available for iOS and Android as an app. Google Tasks is not a new release, but the apps are. However, with the new Gmail design, Google Tasks have become handier. In this article, I will be sharing everything I know and have learned so far about the Google Tasks app. Having a to-do list is a must have for better productivity and something I have been doing over the past few years. Writing down a task also frees us from the constant worry of forgetting an important task. If you have not started using a to-do list app, this is the perfect time to get started. Before Google Tasks, Wunderlist was my go-to tasks app, but now I’m shifting my entire to-do list to Google Tasks. Want to get started with something new? Download Google tasks app for Android or iOS Note: A Chrome extension is also available Access..