It is never too late to reunite with your family and that’s exactly what Offset followed.


On Friday, the Migos rapper had a heartfelt reunion with his father after being away from each other for 23 long years. He shared the moment of the two embracing each other on his Instagram with the caption, “DREAMS DO COME TRUE HAVENT SEEN MY FATHER IN 23 YEARS !!!!!! AND I STILL LOVE HIM. THE PAST IS THE PAST AND THE PRESENT IS ALL WE HAVE TO RELY ON WE NOT PERFECT IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM I LOVE YOU POPS !!! NO MATTER WHAT!!!!”

Watch the touching clip above. In previous interviews, Offset has revealed that he hasn’t seen his father since he was four years old, although he did have a conversation with him in 2016. Back in March, he touched on the subject again during an appearance on The Ellen Show. “I have a father that I don’t know of,” said Offset. “He still runs away for it, I don’t get it. I’ve invited him on interviews and all type just to get in contact. He’s still dodging. I wanted to make other men say the men side of the story and accept the wrongdoing and go to fix it. It’s never too late.”

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