Jaruma in a new Instagram post, has narrated how robbers who stole $8000 (N2.9m) from her handbag, returned it after suffering different misfortunes.

According to Jaruma, the robbers stole $8000 from her 6 months ago, but returned it after suffering different. The sex therapist who wondered why people will call her mamalawo/babalawo and still go on to rob her, stated that people should be careful of who they hurt. She further disclosed that those who have hurt her as much as 7 years ago, are not doing well in life.

She wrote;

#Video…… 6 months ago, on the 19th of October, $8000 Dollars in cash was stolen from my hand bag……. After 5 months, they returned my money….. what happened? The Bad luck misfortune sickness poverty stricken, everything u lay ur hands on fails & calamity that kept on befalling u was too much for u? Be very careful who u hurt o! Because SCORPIO NEVER FORGIVES! SCORPIO NEVER FORGETS!

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