In a bid to avert crisis in the 2019 farming season, a Fulan group, Kullen Allah Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria (KACRAN) has appealed to the Federal Government and the 36 state governors to hurriedly assist towards preserving the existing grazing reserves and cattle routes from encroachment or total blockage by farmers.

National President of the association, Khalil Mohammed Bello made the appeal in Damaturu on Wednesday in a statement released and made available to DAILY POST.

He said the appeal was necessitated due to the fact that it is only through protecting grazing reserves and cattle routes as well as developing them for pastoral use that permanent peace and stability can be achieved between herdsmen and farmers in Nigeria.

“Because, if grazing reserves and cattle routes are encroached or totally blocked by farmers or whoever else, more especially in the Northern parts of the Country, where they exist for several years, it would be very difficult for our animals to move freely on their way to reach water points or for grazing.

“As a result of which some time they entered into the farmers’ farms and destroyed crops which in many occasions led to the avoidable clashes or conflicts”, he added.

Bello described KACRAN as an association that is registered to bring peace and unity between cattle rearers and farmers.

“In this regard, if action is taken timely on the appeal under reference, intermittent or perennial conflicts between the two parties will be reduced minimally or even to an end in totally,” Bello declared.

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