A Nigerian legal counselor, Inibehe Effiong has revealed why he can’t petition God for Nigeria and its leaders. As indicated by him, the issue of the nation isn’t profound, consequently no need offering supplications for its benefit.

Mr. Effiong said the difficulties being faced in the country today is because the people keep electing leaders based on tribe and religion.

His words ;

“After voting incompetent leaders, Nigerians resort to calling on God & Allah for food, jobs, education, security & shelter,”

“We can’t have it both ways. The problems of Nigeria are not spiritual. It is leadership and followership. We will continue to suffer until we do what is right.

“I can’t pray for Nigeria/Nigerian leaders. Nigerian problems are not spiritual. Prayers/fasting will not give us good governance. With all the prominent Christian/Islamic leaders that we have in this country, nothing has changed. Churches/Mosques everywhere but no development,”

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