Two women have been arrested in Enugu State after one conspired with the other to sell her 13-year-old sister’s baby for N300,000.

Woman arrested for selling 13-year-old sister's baby for N300,000 lailasnews 3Woman arrested for selling 13-year-old sister’s baby for N300,000

One of the suspects identified as Mrs. Kate Ugwu confessed that she was contacted by one madam Ekwutosi Onodu to help her sell her sister’s child as they do not need the baby in their family. Mrs. Kate was quoted as saying;

I only helped a friend, because the mother of the child is too young to be a mother as she is just 13 years old. So i contacted a friend of mine in Rivers State who promised to pay the sum of 300k and i delivered the package to him already so we are now waiting to get paid so we can take care of the little girl (Toochi).

When asked how long she has been in the business, Mrs Kate said this is her first time but the other suspect, Mrs. Ekwutosi said she was telling lies and that she (Kate) is known for the business – that’s why she was contacted.

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