Reality TV star Gifty in a post she made via her insta-story, has alleged that The Big Brother Naija Reunion #BBNaija questions were already written before the show and it is all a script.

Gifty claimed she is not bothered if her post annoys anyone and that the questions the participants are being asked were already prepared by their managers.

#BBNaija questions were already pre-written - Gifty lailasnews 3#BBNaija questions were already pre-written – Gifty

See her post on Instagram:

.If you re-collect, one of the current stars of the reality TV show, Anto also wrote that the Big Brother Naija, 2018 edition was scripted.

She made this revelation on Twitter:

”You don’t have to like me or my 3% fans but you can’t tell me there wasn’t inconsistencies in the voting data that was presented. Nor can you tell me the show “script” didn’t feed off of public opinion. It’s the fact”.

*Everyone noticed this in the 2017 edition so saying it now is no big deal,what is big deal is that the 2018 set seem to be really acting out the double wahala that they were named after and that the supposed reunion might not bring the desired result biggie hoped for……

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