Actress Yvonne Nelson has revealed that she doesn’t want to rush into marriage. The mother of one whose baby daddy is a British photographer made this known in an interview with Joy News.

I don't want to rush into marriage - Actress Yvonne Nelson Yvonne Nelson: I don’t want to rush into marriage-

According to Yvonne Nelson, getting married shouldn’t be due to societal pressure but when the time is right.

“I will love to get married, but I feel a lot of people get pressured by society, I mean if the time is right and it happens, I will be very happy, but marriage is something I don’t want to rush into and rush out of,” she stated.

“I know how I am. I am a very strong-willed person so if I am going to do it I have to be very sure and both of us have to be on the same page,” Yvonne Nelson added.


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