Douglas Otieno Owila, the Kenyan man who made headlines in September 2016 for spending a huge sum of money to celebrate his son’s birthday, is now asking for financial assistance.

Kenyan man who spent N1.7M on son’s birthday begs for assistance

Reports say Mr. Owila spent KSh 500,000 ( over N1.7 million ) on his son’s birthday almost three years ago which was widely published on local blogs.

The flamboyant birthday bash went on for three days with entertainment from traditional dancers.

Trouble began for Owila when he was arrested on March 19, 2019, and detained at Kodiago GK Prisons. He spent a night in detention for failing to raise KSh 100,000 (over N355K) bond to secure the release of a friend.

The situation became worse for Owila when the accused person he stood in for failed to show up for court sessions through out the duration of the case.

The sum of KSh 70,000 has sofar been raised by his family and friends to help him out. Plea for help on his behalf continues on Facebook.


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