Lionel Messi has proven class once again as he scored a hat-trick in Barcelona’s 4-1 victory against Real Betis in the Spanish La Liga.

Messi scores hat-trick in Barcelona's 4-1 win against Real Betis Messi scores hat-trick in Barcelona’s 4-1 win against Real Betis-

The goals from the Argentine sends Barcelona 10 points clear off second placed Atletico Madrid.

The wonderful goals earned him a standing ovation from Real Betis fans who hailed his performance on the night.

“I don’t remember a night like this (being applauded by rival supporters), I’m really grateful for the way the fans responded”, Messi said.

“I was just lucky that they went in and that we got the three points.”

“After Atletico‘s defeat, we couldn’t falter,” he explained in the mixed zone.

“It’s a very important victory today.

“Goals are important as they allow us to take three points, and we took advantage of a very good opportunity.”

The goals make it the 33rd hat-trick he has scored in the league.


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