A househelp been arrested in Kenya after she hit a baby’s head with a glass plate then applied salt to the injury before fleeing.

Househelp smashes baby's head with glass then applied salt (Photos)

The lady identified as Joyce Namuma panicked after hitting the baby placed in her care with the glass plate. She applied salt to stop the bleeding before fleeing.

The baby’s mother came back to find her child crying and in much pain which made her to seek medical assistance.

The househelps who fled to Banana in Kiambu County was tracked through an agent and arrested.

The story was shared on Facebook by Sue Williams. Read below.

“Househelp from hell:

Her name is Joyce namuma magoha, from bungoma. She’s been working for a friend of mine in thika for two months. She hit the baby on the head using a plate made of glass then sprinkled salt on the wound then left the baby there lying down with no one to take care of him. It’s the mum who came back from work and found the baby bleeding on the floor. They tracked this Satan’s agent and she was found hiding in banana past Ruaka. She’s currently in police custody. If you ever bump into her kindly don’t employ her.

Spread this everywhere so that no mum can risk entrusting her with their child/ children. I’m so angry!!! I cannot even begin to imagine the pain this boy went through. When asked why she did that she said ati personal stress!!!” she wrote.


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