Saudi Arabia has revoked Osama bin Laden’s son citizenship, after the United States offered a $1 million reward for information that could lead to his capture.

Saudi Arabia revokes Osama bin Laden's son of his citizenship lailasnews

Hamza bin Laden has reportedly become an increasingly prominent figure in the terror network. Saudi Arabia’s interior ministry announced that they had revoked his citizenship via a royal decree in November, however it is not known why it was only made public today.

Hamza bin Laden was named a ‘specially designated global terrorist’ in January 2017. The junior bin Laden has released audio and video messages on the internet calling for attacks against the West and has threatened revenge for his father’s 2011 killing by U.S. forces, the department said in a statement.

Osama bin Laden was killed in a covert operation carried out in Abbottabad, Pakistan at a compound where the al-Qaeda leader was holed up. In addition, Hamza allegedly married the daughter of Mohammed Atta, the ‘lead hijacker and a mastermind’ of the 9/11 attacks.

Bin Laden and al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the U.S. and other notorious actions.

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