Singer Dawn Richard has slammed BET for trying to pitch her against Ariana Grande in a way she considers disrespectful to black women.

Dawn Richard slams BET for saying she copied Ariana Grande hairstyle

Recall that BET were dragged on Twitter when Cardi B won the Grammy Award for Best Rap. They were dragged because of how they shaded Nicki Minaj a black woman for Cardi B who is Latina.

Well, it seems they are not done with shading black women as they’ve now picked on Dawn Richard. According to a tweet they shared, they stated that the singer has copied Ariana Grande’s new ponytail hairstyle.

“Not only is Ariana Grande the most followed person on Instagram now, but her latest ponytail is popping up on the heads of celebs like Dawn Richard! How do you feel about the look”, BET tweeted.

Reacting to their tweet, Dawn Richard begged not to be dragged into such. She also revealed that the ponytail hairstyle is something she rocked few weeks ago before Ariana Grande came out with hers.

*What really makes me sad is that @BET has never supported my music or that I’m a black woman trying to break barriers for women in animation. Or that I’ve worked on advancing tech via VR and augmented reality. But you post about a ponytail i wore weeks ago and have already worn.

She continued:

“Stop pitting females against each other. And stop disrespecting black women by making them out to be followers when they have led in most all pivotal moments in society. K. Bye.

“i just want to mind my business. hydrate. and do groundbreaking shit that pushes black artists and women forward across the board. please leave me out of the dumb shit.


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