Controversial Nigerian journalist, and activist, Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo has continued to react after her outburst with Spesh yesterday. This time she is attacking Chioma and her alleged cousin Peruzzi.

She wrote:


Fat bearded @specialspesh says I’m the one chatting with him on his leaked DM. ABSOLUTELY FALSE! PLS TELL THE TRUTH. At first he lied that it was fake but then seeing the O2 wifi router Gif Gaff on top, he knew he was BUSTED!

In Journalism, we protect the source. I’m RETIRED! The source of the DM between Spesh and Tobechukwu Victor Okoh aka Peruzzi is the same person who set it up @peruzzi_vibes. He is reportedly cousins with Chioma Avril Rowland. He played reverse psychology on Spesh trying to get him to speak about his female cousin to see if she’s still #1 in Davido’s heart since they don’t want their only source of income cut off. Sadly Peruzzi just messed up Chioma’s upcoming brand. In America all her cooking sponsors would have CUT her off! Chioma BLOCKED me which is no big deal, I can see her account [email protected] if I need to.

Peruzzi needs to apologise to Chioma if indeed she’s not sleeping with anyone in London as he was trying to get info out of Spesh, Spesh needs to apologise to me and my family for his threats as I plan to make him face the wrath of the law, I do not entertain BULLSHIT??? and Davido needs to apologise to me for sexually harrassing me. This story will now have an international angle soon. A very SOUR one too. I was @bet HipHop correspondent in Canada and Davido is a BET award winner struggling for International recognition in his own country. Collaboration with Busta, features on other Artists albums, payola on New York radio and rolling Stone magazine is what money is buying for him.
MONEY CAN’T BUY A GOOD NAME when you sexually harass women, ignore a [email protected] you fathered from a one night stand prostitute you described @ayolabinjoh as when you have 3 daughters, 2 sisters and was so drunk you forgot your own late mother in your “Wonder Woman” video.

The struggle continues. I am the REAL ALPHA FEMALE Chioma. It’s the kind of woman who want other women to be LIKE HER! Not low self esteemed with inferiority complex blocking me like Linda, You and others. You cannot mentor any woman when your man is shaming them.

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