A 32-year-old man has dumped his wife for his stepdaughter whom he was already having an adulterous affair with.

The illicit relationship has resulted in the birth of a child.

32-year-old man dumps wife for stepdaughter lailasnews

The man identified as, Zekias Mukurachaza and his stepdaughter Macloline Garira’s (who is 18 years old), appeared before Mutare magistrate in Zimbabwe facing charges of having an incestuous relationship.

It is the state’s case that the affair is said to have started after the wife had left home to attend a church service for a week. The matter only came to light when she came back and was informed that her daughter was running away from school so she could sleep with her husband, taking advantage of her mother’s absence.

When the woman confronted her daughter, Garira denied the affair but gave birth months later. When she gave birth, her mother was chased away from their matrimonial home and her husband moved in with the step-daughter-tuned-wife.

The ruling magistrate sentenced the two to eight months imprisonment after being convicted of having an incestuous relationship and suspended two months of the sentence on condition of good behaviour.

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