Obinna Ezenwaka, a victim of fraud has sought legal redress as he explained to the Lagos State Special Offences Court how a Lagos-based prophet, identified as Cletus Ilongwo, hypnotised and defrauded him.

According to a report by Punch, the Presiding Pastor of the Power of the Holy Ghost Evangelical Ministry, is facing 11 counts bordering on fraud.

Cletus Ilongwo. Image Credit: PunchNG

In the report, Ezenwaka recounts the whole ordeal of how Cletus hypnotized him with various items ranging from the blood of a ram, a cross-like chain.

Read below,

Sometime in April 2015, a neighbour took me to the prophet’s church and after a particular Sunday, he gave me an appointment to see him, because he wanted to know the reason why I came to the church. I told him that some people owed me and they were not willing to pay and that I wanted him to help me pray so that I could recover my money.

“He asked me to write the names of the debtors in the sequences of seven, nine, 14 and 21, which I did; another day, he gave me another appointment that the Holy Spirit ministered to him that I was going to recover my money to the last kobo and I left.

“One Sunday in October 2015, he gave me another appointment. He introduced me to two of the church members, who were close to him, Samuel Amaefule and Maxwell Adiele. He said I should be working with them and that God would answer my prayers and that I would recover my money.

“The two members got close to me; they visited me in my office and home to deliver any message from the prophet and each time I was with them, any business-related discussion I had with my customers over the phone, the two of them would tell the prophet and when next I see him, he would start giving revelations about the transactions, making it to look as if he was making a true revelation.

“In the third week of January 2016, the prophet asked me to come to the church that God had a message for me; when I got there, he took me to where they were selling rams and said God asked him to make a sacrifice on my behalf and he paid for the ram.

We bought the ram and went back to the church; he asked me to write the names of my debtors in the sequences of seven, nine, 14 and 21 in red ink. I gave him the names and he called the two members he had introduced to me earlier and a man from the North called Talif Aliu, whom he said works with the Nigeria Customs Service.”

Ezenwaka added, “He (the prophet) killed the ram and used a bowl collect its blood and persuaded me to bathe with the blood, but I declined and he said I should not doubt the message of the Holy Spirit, so I bathed with the blood. After bathing, he gave me the head of the ram and told me to follow him to a place in the church’s premises where he dug the ground and buried the head of the ram with the names of my debtors.

“He asked me to take the remains of the ram to my landed property in Lagos and also asked the two members to follow me to bury the torso of the ram and that I should come back two weeks later.”

Culled from PunchNG

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