Nigerian Actress and Filmmaker, Nazo Ekezie in an exclusive interview with Goldenpearlmedia cried out that she is tired of being lonely and wants a man so bad.

The Ozubulu- Anambra State born screen diva lamented that she wants a man that would love her for who she is not as a TV star.

Here are excerpts from the interview ;

Can you tell more about you?
My name is Nazo Ekezie. I am from Anambra State. Ozubulu to be precise. I’m the second child of four children. My father is late but my mother is still here.

How long have you been acting?
I have been here professionally since 2010.

Which was your first shot?
They were couple of movies I did. Two or three scenes, sometimes 5 then I go back to school but THANKS FOR COMING produced by Uche Nancy brought me to limelight. After than I did another one titled Assassins with the likes of Mike Ezuruonye, Chacha Eke, and other. They were couple of other ones, but these were the movies that made people take me seriously as an actor.

Recently, you went into movie production, what inspired that move?

As some point I wanted to try something new. I developed this love for filmmaking. It has been there for a while. So, in 2018, I produced my first film. It’s titled Flawed. Featuring Ebere Okaro, More Duncan, my humble self, and other amazing actors.

How do you choose your cast?

There was no particular criteria before I choose my cast because I am that kind of person that watches movies a lot. So, if I see new faces that know their onions well, I take note of them. I have this producer eye.
So, it wasn’t really difficult for me to know who and who would be in my film. I had taken mental note of those that I wanted.
I called them up negotiated with them and that was it.

What plans do you have for the movies, is it a cinema movie or YouTube?
This particular production, would be on CD and for the internet.

What were the challenges you passed through as first time producer?
I think doing a movie as a producer and also acting in same movie should be for only superheroes, because it was not easy at all. I had to think for everyone to make sure that the production goes well.

It was not funny at all. I had to think from every angle to make sure everything was okay. I had a very good production manager, but I really got myself worked up.
Well, some people said it’s because it was my first time, that soon, I’d get used to it.
Another big challenge, I had was location issue. I paid for an office space in Lekki, then like a day before the shoot, the man in charge of the space called and said we can’t move in that the office was locked. Some government officials locked the place up. Then, he wouldn’t refund my money on time to get another office space. It was very tough, but I refused to be discouraged.
We just changed plans and moved on.
The good thing is, I have learned my lessons. Now I know what those other producers face. What they pass through. Now I understand them better. I have learned anything can go wrong during production. And most times, some mistakes or lapses is not entirely their faults.

What message is the movie passing?
Flawed the movie, is trying to say that people have reasons for doing what they do. We all are not perfect. No matter how good and perfect we seem to look from the outside, there are lots of issues we still have to deal with on the inside.
There are certain actions that people take and nobody would truly understand why, until he or she gets close to realise the reason behind that action. Nobody, male nor female should sit in one corner and criticize anybody’s actions without knowing what prompted it.
Everybody struggles with something. No matter how popular you are, no matter how great you look, there’s a demon you’re fighting within. Nobody everyone around you would understand.
The movie also teaches that love concurs. That love would make everything right again.

These days everyone, especially celebrities are always online showing off different lifestyle, what’s your take on?
I can only say that it depends on who and what you want for yourself.
I think my biggest problem is realness. I don’t know how to fake it or pretend. I can’t even snap besides someone’s car because there is no gain in it. I’m so real to a fault. Although the society would expect more from us as a celebrities. A lot of actors are pressured by the society.

Nigerians are conflicted, they want you to be humble, then the next minute, the complain you are too humble.
These problems are often created by women. So, if people tend to live fake lifestyles, I won’t blame them. They have to meet up.

Are you in any relationship now?
I’m very very single and available.

What’s your spec of a man?
In the course of my job as an actor, there are too many expectations from celebrities. One thing about famous people is that most times, they don’t change but people around them do.

I have always looked out for someone who fame doesn’t entice or affect. One wouldn’t consider it a problem. I want someone who would be patient enough to know me and not look at me from the movie angle. I would love someone who sees me as Nazo and not an actress all the time.

Right now, I want to be in a relationship so bad. I want to be someone I love, someone who loves me as me, but not as an actress or movie star. I want to be with a person that actually knows me, loves me and willing to relate with me as Nazo.

In terms of physical looks what do you look out for?

Well, I’m not a physical look kind of person but then you won’t be looking like masquerade though.

I want an OK looking guy, average. And most importantly the acceptance that I’m talking about. Then your brain is more important to me and how the mind functions.

What about the pocket?

That one it’s so important. I’m not looking out to marry a Dangote but he needs to be comfortable. He has to be able to provide for me. These are the issues.

Those that can’t provide are now going for females underwear, how do you secure your pants these days?
(Laughs). It might sound cliché but I don’t wear pants anymore. Because I’m not going to joke with my destiny and if there’s anywhere that I’m taking my clothes off, my underwear are going straight to my bag.

If you don’t wear panties what do you replace them with, especially when you wear gowns?

(Laughs)There are other things you can wear. You don’t have to go out naked. At first I took it as a joke but now it’s very serious matter. So, no more Pants.


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