A Nigerian Woman on twitter, identified as Ozzy Etomi, took to her page to rant on Falz’s new controversial album on runs girls and his statement about transactional s3-x.

In quite a long rant, she wrote,

1. The only reason men dislike runs girls is because men think s3-x is freely owed to them. They resent that women can place a premium on their v*gin*s because they hate women & associate their s3xual autonomy to worthlessness & think only a man can legitimize her s3xual agency

2. Men are deeply insecure when it comes to their financial standing, and knowing that most runs babes would never glance twice at their parched pockets makes them build a deep resentment to these women that have deemed them unworthy to fvck.

3. though most relationships are transactional (taking out on dates, buying gifts, etc) men HATE to date at their “level”. Therefore they develop a deep stan like admiration/jealousy for rich men while developing hatred for women who let them know they’re out of their league.

4. Men like this also resent the ease at which women can access these powerful and rich men that they j*rk off to daily, and think they are more worthy to be in the presence of their idols and benefit from their generosity. You can imagine the annoyance, dears.

5. Men like this do not believe women have value. Therefore the thought of a woman placing any type of value on herself is deeply offensive to them. Yet, watch this man get his money up and think he deserves to upgrade to “premium” as fast as his legs can carry him.
I’ve forgotten what its called, but this complex has a name. It’s the reason when a man gets money, instead of dating the women that have always liked him, he desires to date the type of women that have previously rejected him. Look at athlete & entertainers wives. Shikena.

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