After the Viktoh police brutality incident hit the web earlier today, some Nigerians determined to fairly condemn the singer for complaining in regards to the incident rather than dealing with his dieing profession.

Viktoh has nevertheless berated his critics for being detached to his plight as a substitute of condemning the act of the police males who may have carried out worse to a different citizen on the road.

Viktoh Police brutality Singer blasts Nigerians who mocked him on-line


He tweeted:

‘I kept on tweeting and fighting against this police brutality but you guys ignored me now it has happened to me and someone is saying I never did something about it? This is sad’

Some folks even mentioned I ought to shut up and face my profession like what’s happing to folks of this world

An excessive amount of hate on this nation sha

I nonetheless got here out to carry out for my followers that’s the fucking ardour!

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