You can connect with friend, chat, share, follow, like post post, audio chat, video chat and so much more. visit and enjoy the new next generation of social media platform.

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There is no limit to how you can connect on wondacard, most importantly it pays you for doing what you love on social media.

Get points when you publish a new status, like a post, share post and hashtag etc.

Your points can be withdrawn for real money or it can also be used to acquire premium service on wondacard platform.

Enjoy unlimited service on wondacard

  • Chat – Chat in a seamless environment
  • Share Posts and Files
  • Connect – Write and share post
  • Video Chat – more ways to interact
  • Audio Chat – Save data and connect more
  • Comments and emotions – Share your comments like or dislike with audio and text comments
  • Pages – Create more fan base by having your own page for your brand
  • Groups – Social interaction can only get better with groups
  • Unlimited post types – Share text post, image post, video post, polls, documents and many more
  • Wondacard and WondaChat Application – Android and iOS
  • Earn points for money while you do what you loved

Wondacard is a social application that rewards you, unlike most traditional social application, it provide a blogging platform for free., new Social Network that comes Fully Packaged with What You Love – Find Out social network

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