A Unilorin scholar reportedly dedicated suicide, after failing his remaining yr venture which is able to drop him decrease in his grade.

The Unilorin scholar who dedicated suicide by ingesting a pesticide, Sniper, has been recognized as Adigun Olawale Emmanuel was reportedly pressured to repeat his venture earlier than his dying. The Nation reported that the deceased who had a grade of Second Class Higher Division which dropped to Second Class Decrease Division, alleged that he was accused of ‘copy and paste’, in analysis his works in social media submit earlier than his dying.

Adigun who grew to become depressed after he didn’t make the final commencement record of the establishment, reportedly communicated his intention to finish his life to a feminine buddy who nevertheless pleaded with him to have a rethink and face the problem like most different males in life.

On Thursday evening at Oke-Odo, a student-populated space in Ilorin, Kwara state, he dedicated suicide. Nonetheless his corpse was solely found on Saturday after neighbours observed a foul scent oozing out of his room. When the door was damaged, his bloated physique was discovered on the ground.

From social media interactions, it was gathered that the deceased had uploaded an image of the Sniper on his WhatsApp web page at about 5.14 pm, some two hours after he had lamented on-line about his scenario to his buddy.

He had opened the dialog at about 3.39 pm when he stated briefly statements:

“Same research work. He said I did copy and paste. Ever since then, things changed from bad to worst. Am in a deep mess @the moment. My life don tire me. I feel like dying. I wish I can sleep and not wake up again”.

His buddy nevertheless responded with phrases of encouragement:

“Don’t give up bros, it gets better”. And as if he had accepted the admonition, the deceased had then responded, “I pray so, Thanks a lot for your concern. I appreciate a lot. May God continue to bless you. Amen.”

His buddy nevertheless went additional to plead with him to not commit suicide. He wrote;

“Wale abeg, calm down. Abeg You In the Name of God. Nothing Happen wey God no know about ooo please don’t do anything stupid ooooo”.

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