Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe has declared that about 90% of wealthy girls & hoes made their cash from Nigerian men. Sharing on snapchat, Huddah Monroe additionally confessed to have made her cash off Nigerian men.

She wrote:

”Simply realized all my life the men I’ve dated 99% are NIGERIANS… I’m addicted to BAD boys … all of us like to hate on them however we love how they hit on you with no apologies, as promiscuous as they’re. You hoes love them . LMFAO! GTFO!

”99% of hoes have I made their cash from Nigerians. These instagram models are all operating around with Naija BOYz . Let’s for once put some RESPEK On our brothers and their identify . They’ve saved lives . MOINIPt.

”Women claim Nigerian men do that and that to girls. Apparently they take their luck . LMFAO! Sleeping with a man that your not Married to is SEXUAL sin and it has its penalties whether or not he Is doing Juju or Fufu on u . Simply close your legs and Wait until marriage. Case closed 7.”


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