A six year old boy has been reportedly electrocuted at the Murtala Amusement Park in Minna during the Sallah day celebration.

The child, whose identity remains unknown, was said to have been electrocuted when he unknowingly stepped on some of the naked wires close to one of the abandoned car rail track section which was filled with water, Vanguard reports.

The water polled as a result of heavy rainfall on Saturday night. Eyewitnesses disclosed that after the incident occurred, there was no attempt by the management to administer first aid to the boy and he was left for some minutes while the organizers and management traded blames.

However, after about twenty minutes, he was rushed to the hospital, however, it could not be ascertained if he was dead or in shock.

Efforts to speak to the organizers of the Sallah Children show was rebuffed as the Chief Organizer claimed to be too busy to answer questions while one of the assistants blamed the kids for digging up wires all over, not minding the danger involved.However, eyewitnesses blamed the management of the Park of negligence stating that it was obvious that the management and the organizers of the event were only concerned with the financial gains rather than the welfare of the people.6 year old boy electrocuted at Minna Park during Sallah celebration lailasnews 5

“Taking a look round the entire ground, one would see uncountable naked live wires displayed on the surface of the ground with just masking tapes coiled round them as protection agents. Despite that rain fell, they did not make any move to prevent children from playing there “, an eyewitness said.