Emeka Okonkwo aka E-Money is one of the most popular requests on the Internet today which resulted from his constant display of wealth on social media platform like Instagram and Twitter.

Because of his lavish lifestyle people want to know how he made such a fortune , this is why he has become one of themost sought after non celebrity in Nigeria today.

The millionaire businessman is also very fond of his wife and shows her off on his Instagram page as often as possible. He is also likes to show off his kids and his beautiful house.

In one of E-Money’s most recent posts, the Five Star Record Label boss, shared some new photos of himself and his wife inside a jet. It is not certain where they were headed but the man’s caption suggests he was taking her out on a vacation.

He captioned the photos thus:

“Pls permit me to spoil this my Girlfriend a little “#Chief and Lolo #it is too late to fail Amen #we are too loaded to be empty Amen.. @iam_mrse”

Emeka Okonkwo is his real name but he was nicknamed E-Money after the wealth and fame came into his life . He was born on February 18, 1981in Ajegunle Lagos where he attended his primary and secondary school education.

He is only 36 which is pretty young for the success of that size. People gave him the nickname E-Money after he lost respect for money, throwing money and demonstrating what a luxurious life he had.

In fact he is called Arabic money by some of his fans who love the way he spend money like it nothing. He is that popular Nigerian man who got nothing to do with Nollywood , music not even anything IN CONNECTION to entertainment but his reign has suppass that of many top Nigerian musicians and actors.

This man started from the scratch and he had no money years ago , those trying days he struggled to make a living but God smiled on him and make him a popular figure who needs no introduction both locally and internationally.