Brazilian football star Neymar has written a heart-wrenching letter to a murdered 13 year old girl after seeing a photograph of her wearing a football shirt with his name on the back.

Angelique Six was killed by a sex attacker last month in a crime that shocked the whole of France.



The 13 year old girl was a big fan of Paris Saint Germain ace Neymar, who became the most expensive footballer in the world when he was signed from Barcelona for £200million last summer.

And when the 26-year-old forward saw a photograph of Angelique wearing his replica shirt, he felt compelled to write a letter to the murdered girl.

Football star Neymar writes tribute to 13 year old girl killed by sex attacker lailasnews 3

The note, written in English, was posted on Facebook by the tragic girl’s sister, Anais.

It read:

“Sweet Angelique, I have seen in this photo that you’re wearing my shirt. It’s been such an emotion that I’ll always keep that wonderful smile in my heart. Paradise will be your eternal residence.

PSG fans also held up a banner in the schoolgirl’s honour during their meeting with Rennes last weekend.

Angelique six had disappeared sometimes in April and it was a child from her neighborhood who warned that she had left with the man who later confessed to being her killer. The Gallic police found the body of the girl without clothes, traces of blood and a blow to the head.

A man who was a former neighbour of Anlelique’s in the northern town of Wambrechies has been charged with kidnap, rape and murder.

The arrest of the 45-year-old man, who is a self-confessed author of the kidnapping, rape and murder of Angélique Six, provoked a wave of outrage in France.

The defendant is a repeat offender who had already been convicted in 1996 for the rape of a 15-year-old minor. The confessed author was sentenced to nine years in prison in 1996 and since he left prison in 2000, the individual did not follow any psychological treatment.