The information going viral all over the social media and NYSC media platform implies that a lot of NYSC members who received payment twice have refused to return their excesses, also others submitted fake statement of account during verification prior to POP. It was alleged that the DG of NYSC have issued a press statement in this regard, read further below.

Dear Stream2 corps Members,

Its no longer news that most of you have vehemently refused to return the excess allowee being paid to you, even after several appeals from the DG NYSC Himself. The DG has found this act to be utterly disrespectful and a big slap to not just his face but to his office.

 Therefore in the same vein, The supreme ruling council of NYSC through the DG and its management and through the veto power vested on it to take disciplinary actions as deem fit, have unanimously decided to put the Batch B Stream 2 POP on hold till further notice, till we reocover (as a collective responsibilty) to the very last penny the excess allowee most of you were paid. How you go about it remains your business.

Most of you have clearly failed the test of character, and we are highly dissappointed to say the least.

 We have also gotten wind of the information that a lot of you are submitting forged statement of account, we won’t say anything, let’s wait and see who will win this eventually….

POP date begins with you

Mallam Garbage
Senior Spokesperson to DG NYSC

The authenticity of this information is not yet fully verified as the exact date for batch B stream 2 POP is yet to be officially published.

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