Obiano, Chidoka and other Anambra State indigenes resident, unanimously acknowledged that Ezeemo, has more passion and commitment to make Anambra State better than the rest of them. Ezeemo, PPA gubernatorial candidate in the forthcoming Anambra State governorship election, recieved an alarming standing ovation from his co-contestants

This was after his address was read by his representative, Dr Edward Ezenwafor during the 15th Annual Convention of Anambra State Association which held in Houston, Texas recently.

In his words, “My opponents live in other parts of Nigeria and have nothing to lose if Anambra goes wrong. I have not waited for functional systems to appear from the moon in Anambra State but have invested in creating the functional systems we desire, without any interest in a dime of public fund either from holding a public office or through government contracts. I have proven my competence in Anambra project despite the huge costs, but I will still bear heavier costs should our state fail. As such, I am the most committed and most experienced candidate for the job at hand.”

Ezeemo, in his speech, had enjoined Anambra People to “disregard unverifiable claims and recurring lies in various quarters and carefully evaluate every candidate for the specific competencies that Anambra state desperately needs at this point.”

He said that his proven passion, commitment and competence for the development of Anambra State and the people is what differentiates him from his opponents, and are what informed his leaving the organised UK society and transferring his wealth and investments to Anambra State with over 1000 under his payroll, and none owed.


Ezeemo also urged that all forms of godfatherism be eschewed by Anambra electorate as well as all efforts to divide the state along lines of senatorial zones.

While acknowledging that Peter Obi, the former governor of Anambra State showed some level of competence in administration, he observed that Obi has shown he has poor judgment in selecting leaders.

“This is no surprise because he (Peter Obi) was chosen by Anambrarians during his time, and not by a particular individual. Why wouldn’t he trust Anambrarians to make a good choice once again?,” he said.

Orient Daily reports that other contestants spoke first before Ezeemo and at the end of the speech, the hall burst into life with resounding applause and sporadic words of encouragement to and support for Ezeemo, even from the governor’s wife, Chief Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano, who represented her husband, Chief Chudi Chidoka, who represented UPP’s Osita Chidoka, and the ASA-USA president, Chief Michael Iloegbunam.

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