Reflecting on Nigeria at 57 celebration recently at PPA secretariat in Awka, Ezeemo while congratulating Nigeria for surviving as a nation for so long, opined that constant power supply was the first indicator that a country is on the sure path of sustainable development.

Godwin Chukwunaenye Ezeemo, Anambra State PPA governorship candidate, has identified electric power as the mother of Nigeria’s problems while calling on the government to give a decisive solution to the epileptic power problem in the country if they are serious about moving it forward.

In his words, “Nigeria, right from her independence, has had the resources to achieve steady and clean energy for all her citizens but has not been able to do so because the public funds meant for it has been going into private pockets.

“Lack of the constant power supply has been crippling our economy.

“Till we can achieve this, whatever else we are doing is tantamount to playing.”
He condemned past leaders for not identifying and addressing constant supply as a matter of necessity and called on the present federal and state government to learn from the country’s past mistakes and work on emancipation of the nation.