More than 200 law students of UNILAG have been denied access to participate on the ongoing semester examination, for allegedly unable to meet up to the compulsory 65% of their course attendance.
One of the students who spoke to our correspondent on condition of anonymity said; “the university did this not because they so much care about students coming to class but because they needed to cut the number of students who go to law school.
Some of the affected students lamented that the rule sprang upon them without prior notice, adding that the University’s enforcement of the rule was to reduce the number of students who get to the final year, and subsequently get admitted to the Nigerian Law School.

Normally, it is two hundred and seventy students (270) that get accepted into law school so they are trying to cut down the number of students before they get to the final year.

He opined that many students prefer to stay in their hostels to study as the capacity of their lecture hall cannot accommodate students if they all decided to be in class.

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