Anambra state have been severally described as the commercial hub of the southeast and by extension the entire federation. The state prides itself on commerce and industry ; which basically is the remote reason why people travel from far and wide to trade as well as transact businesses in the state . The likes of Nkwo – Nnewi auto-mobile industry, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company Nnewi, Chikason Group of Companies Nnewi, Capital Oil Nnewi, Ngobros, Hardis and Dromedas Limited, Cutix Cables, to mention a few, are some industries that have placed Anambra state at a vantage position for global recognition and acceptance . Little wonder why Anambra is often referred to as Japan of Africa .

It is therefore not out of place to infer that Anambra state is the flagship of the nation . The cradle of ındustrialisation in Nigeria could however be traced to Anambra state where its citizens are known for their art of industry as well as passion for hardwork . This is clearly evident in the innovations and inventions brought to limelight by people of the state hence the prevalence of cottage industries in the area. Furthermore the tranquil atmosphere of the business environment in Anambra state has equally fostered economic growth and development especially with the sprouting of more industries on small, medium and large scale basis . It therefore becomes pertinent that the process of ındustrialisation in Anambra state is sustained to boost the economy , creat wealth and employment opportunities. Gone are the days when Anambra state was referred to as ‘ home for all ‘ as a result of the culture of clandestine activities and daylight criminality that heldsway ; forcing potential and prospective investors to consider other options for investments thereby culminating into capital flight and what have you .

The present day Anambra state has metamorphosed into a fertile ground for trade and commerce following the feat achieved in security; kudos to the present state government led by Chief Willie Obiano, the incumbent Governor of Anambra state . Efforts have been made by the present administration to revitalise as well as revamp the entire sectors of the state economy to boost their revenue potentials and income generation as government’s economic policies abhor redundancy and stagnancy in the implementation process.

To this end therefore, the state government’s local content policy has equally fostered and encouraged the growth of indigenous cottage industries in Anambra state . The government’s agro-allied policy has mechanised and diversified the agricultural sector thereby paving way for a mass exodus into the sector for commercial and subsistence agriculture . It is however crystal clear that ındustrialisation has gained grounds in Anambra state because the government of Chief Willie Obiano has transformed the state into an investment destination thereby encouraging indigenous and foreign investors to take advantage of the seren business environment in Anambra state to establish and transact their businesses.

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