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My name is Queen Esther. I’m from COTONOU. I used to live in Kaduna State. I’m a commercial sex worker. I stayed in one of the Hotels in OBALENDE area, by CONSTITUTION ROAD, Kaduna.
A man came to me about two months ago, just like other fun seekers. He didn’t make love to me, but instead asked for only blow-job. I gave him so much of it until he was satisfied. He later engaged me into a discussion after paying me the sum of #10,000 (Ten thousand naira only) without asking for my price; unlike other customers who would first of all bargain before the action. I was amazed at his generosity. He then smiled at me, and promised to make me rich if only I can do one small job for his boss who just arrived Kaduna from Abuja that night. Without thinking twice, I agreed to meet his Oga and do the simple job.

We had few bottles of drinks while he kept on making calls and was answering ok sir, yes sir and all of that. Around past 12:00 mid night, we drove in his car to one SEA-BREEZE HOTEL at BARNAWA GRA around Kaduna South. He introduced me to one Mr. Festus as his boss. I immediately fell in love with the man due to his handsomeness. The man then told me that I’m now a millionaire, and that he would take me along to see Governor E-Rufai whom he was to hold a meeting with that same night. He asked me where I came from, and I told him I’m from COTONOU; then he smiled at his boy who brought me. He then said to me that I’m the best person for the job; since I’m not a Nigerian. That they could easily settle me to return back and enjoy my wealth in COTONOU after the job is successfully done.

His boy who brought me eventually excused us, and Mr. Festus asked me for the same Blow-job; which I also gave him so hard. He was happy with me. Then, around 2:00 mid night, we drove to see Governor El-Rufai. We met him in one beautiful house. The Governor said I will become very rich if I help him bring down one of his enemies in this country. I agreed to do it. He then said that Mr. Festus will coach me on what to do. He handed me #100,000. (One hundred thousand naira) and we left back to SEA-BREEZE HOTEL.
Mr. Festus and his boy told me that the job is for me to claim that I am a sexual mistress to one Pastor Suleiman who was a Muslim before, but now a Pastor. I agreed; but when they said I will appear on Television to say it, I refused. Reason being that my parents and family members are not aware that I’m into prostitution in Nigeria. They believe I’m living in Lagos and working as a House-Maid.

When Mr. Festus got angry that I had declined, he brought out a small gun and threatened to kill me if I failed to do the job. I started crying and begging them to let me go. He collected all the money on me that night and asked his boy to go and drop me. His boy started talking to me that if I don’t agree to do the job, I should leave Nigeria, because the Governor will be angry with his boss and Festus will kill me.

He dropped me off and left. I later relocated to KABUSA VILLAGE in Abuja to continue my hustling for fear of being killed by those men. I got over that trauma and moved on with life after that terrifying experience. But over a week ago, my friend in the same hotel was showing me some things on her phone. When I saw the face of that man (Mr. Festus) I quickly remembered the experience and told my friend the story.

I also remembered that Mr. Festus told me about his girlfriend in Canada who had returned to Nigeria for the same job. He said the other girl would be firing from Lagos, while I will be doing my own there in Kaduna.
But one thing that stopped me from agreeing to do the job was that I was to appear on Television, and that would have exposed me to the whole world. I told him that if I do it, I will never have peace in my life. And that it will stop me from getting married later in the future. More so, I was not ready to go back to COTONOU. My friend showed me so many things happening on the internet through her phone. I now saw the picture of Apostle Johnson Suleiman, Mr. Festus Keyamo, Stephanie Otobo, and even Governor El-Rufai. That was how I remembered everything that happened about two months ago.

I told my friend the whole story and she revealed it to other girls in our hotel.

THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER: I’m the authentic Queen Esther that was to execute this job. The lady parading her self on media is hired to replace me. I just got to know that it is a Powerful man of God that they are trying to bring down. My friend even told me that the man of God (Apostle Johnson Suleiman) is a good man. That he can change my life forever. I don’t know how journalist located me. May be my friend went and called you people that I’m here.

CONFESSION: These whole story on the internet about the man of God is a big lie. The man is innocent. I can say it boldly. Because I was afraid of doing the job, Festus used a gun to threaten me and collected my money that night. Now, they have gotten some people who have the mind to do such a thing. But this people will not know peace in their life for plotting to bring down a man of God who is good and kind to people.

I am ready to come out now and tell the world the whole truth. My friend is a Christian and I’m also a Christian. She has briefed me about some issues that happened between the man of God and Kaduna State Governor. I now understand why they want to bring him down.

God have mercy.


This is a direct confirmation of what papa said  in our live sunday service which took place 19th march 2017,that the present sex scandal been levied on him is been sporsored by a nigerian politician whose intention is to run for 2019 presidential seat,but apostle seems to him as the only obstacle that will not allow him to access the seat due to the fact that the man of God will always speak up against any evil in the nation,hence this plot was meant to shut his mouth from confronting those with bad intentions for the nation.but glory to God almighty that they failed woefully.papa concluded by saying that this particular week the truth will be revealed and all those who where dapting will hide thier face in shame.the whole world need to hear this how the God of apostle johnson suleman disgrace gov el-rufai,stephaniel otobo and feotus kayamo.share this message from prayerchamber let it go viral like never before just the same way the fake news went cant stop the Gospel in nigeria,you too small!!!