Last Saturday Night, a Zimbabwean woman took matters into her hands, after several cheating by her husband, who is a prison guard, she burnt his car that was parked at a friend’s house while her man was sleeping with his girlfriend.

Mafuya’s wife is alleged to have ‘set surveillance mechanisms’ on her skirt chasing husband whom she had been having marital disputes with for years. The Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Services officer was identified as Edmore Mafuya.

ZimNews reports that the wife finally found out where her husband was regularly parking his car before pouncing on it. Their report continues below:

This is not the first time for Mafuya and his wife to take their marital dispute into the public arena as last year in November, Mafuya and his girlfriend identified as Linda were caught while merrymaking at Vengere Shopping Centre and a big boxing match erupted.

Mafuya knocked down a 70-year-old grandmother as he sped off with his girlfriend.

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