A United States appeals court has upheld a ruling mandating Buruji Kashamu to face a drug trafficking trial.

According to Washington Post report, the ruling means that Kashamu can be extradited from Nigeria  to the US to answer to the charges.

The senator representing Ogun east constituency was alleged to have been the ring-leader of a ’90s heroin cartel in Chicago, US.

Kashamu had in April 2015 asked a district court to put a hold on his “abduction abroad by U.S. authorities”.

In its ruling, the US court of appeals on Monday dismissed the complaint and upheld the ruling of the lower court.

According to the court, the attempt by US agents to arrest Kashamu in coordination with Nigerian authorities cannot be termed “an attempted abduction”.

Although several persons indicted in the case had pleaded guilty, Kashamu maintains that his dead brother was responsible for the crimes he’s being accused of.

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